The Team:

      Veriche Blackwell: I am interested in discussing different types of non-monogamous relationships and encouraging others to re-evaluate their conceptions of love and sex as we enter a new era of what a relationship inherently means.

      Lauren Hasserjian: I am interested in learning about jealousy within polyamorous relationships in comparison to jealousy in monogamous relationships, and how we have been socialized into believing there is a soulmate for everyone, and how poly families navigate a patriarchal/monogamous society.

       Kyra Mund: I am interested in deconstructing my own misconceptions about polyamorous relationships. I am redefining what I think is an ideal relationship. I have recently grown a curiosity in poly-configurations and I want to see whats out there and who is doing these configurations. 

       Hannah Saberan- I’m interested in thinking more about how we live in a society where we have been socialized to believe that monogamy is the norm in addition to the stigma and judgements around non-monogamous relationships. More specifically, I’m interested in focusing on non-monogamous representation in the media, the ties between non-monogamy and religion–Mormonism more specifically, long-distance non-monogamous relationships, and the effects of colonialism on how we view non-monogamy today.

      Christopher Guevara: I am interested in learning in the different dynamics and functions of non-monogamous relationships. The whole aspect of being with multiple people is interesting and fun.

      Florante Peralta: I am interested in learning all about non-monogamous relationships because I find it interesting. I want to explore the history behind non-monogamous relationships and possibly some myths about monogamy in terms of biological evolution. I am also curious about the differences between non-monogamous relationships and monogamous relationships. Another thing I would like to explore are the limitations/restrictions surrounding non-monogamous relationships.